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Health for all, everywhere.

The Heart Mobile™ is a smart ecosystem that participates in the fight against cardiovascular disease in developing countries. Revolving around cardiac mobile clinics, it allows for the deployment of a culturally relevant and coordinated action to better prevent, assess, and manage chronic diseases in low-resource settings.

The Heart Mobile truck

With these clinics, The Heart Mobile™ tackles medical deserts by bridging the gap between hospital and underserved communities: it delivers cardiovascular care and health education to the last mile, while empowering local healthcare providers to deliver quality care thanks to medical training initiatives and access to health technology.

Allowing populations a fair access to care and health education.

Additionally, advocacy initiatives toward the Ministries of Health and their regional representatives are being taken, prior to and throughout the deployment of the clinics, to engage all forms of health authorities and foster sustainable networks of care.

Empowering local healthcare providers to deliver quality care.

A smart ecosystem to prevent, assess, and manage disease

Cardiology & imaging consultations
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Senior cardiologists offer cardiology and imaging consultations delivered via point-of-care cardiovascular technology.

Medical training
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Medical training is a key commitment of The Heart Mobile’s™ coordinated action to advance regional cardiology practice. Local healthcare providers (nurses, midwives, community health workers, doctors, surgeons) are provided with peer tutoring (continuing training in screening techniques and health technology;  postgraduate cardiology courses; best practices exchanges).

Education & Prevention

Beneficiaries are educated on cardiovascular health, cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors as cardiologists check their vitals and ask for their medical and lifestyle backgrounds. In addition, culturally relevant assets developed by the medical partner are created and distributed during the campaigns to raise awareness and promote prevention.

Care circuits
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Before and during deployment of The Heart Mobile™, we meet with regional and local healthcare providers with a range of advocacy initiatives that are designed to create networks of care and engage both beneficiaries and healthcare professionals alike.

Epidemiological research
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The Heart Mobile™ leverages the logistics deployed on its screening campaigns to conduct community based epidemiological research and collect clinical data to advance cardiology research and practice. North/South scholar collaborations facilitate the publication of scientific literature.

Medical referral
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Patients diagnosed with conditions such as hypertension or diabetes, which can be closely linked to cardiovascular diseases, are referred to partner local care centers.

Medical referral+
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Advanced cases are referred to a partner cardiac center for further medical assessment.

Corrective surgery
Ear medical surgery

Patients diagnosed with surgically treatable cardiovascular diseases during the screening campaigns benefit from open heart surgery or interventional cardiology procedures in their home countries.

Watch the implementation phase of our second cardiac mobile clinic The Heart Mobile in Côte d’Ivoire

Health justice

Improves early diagnosis and access to treatment.

Access for all

Delivers cardiac care to medical deserts.


Engages and trains local healthcare providers.

Capacity building

Advances cardiology research and practice.

Impact of The Heart Mobile™ since 2016

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Mobile clinics

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Three medical staff

workers trained

How we work?

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Prevention & screening campaign

Teams of senior cardiologists dispatched by a medical partner carry out prevention & screening campaigns on board our connected cardiac mobile clinic, The Heart Mobile™.

These teams educate beneficiaries on cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and their risk factors and offer cardiology and imaging consultations thanks to embedded point-of-care cardiovascular technology

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Medical referral & treatment

Patients diagnosed with CVDs are referred to partner local care centers. Advanced cases are referred to a partner cardiac centre.

Dedicated heart surgery and interventional cardiology missions maintain contact with patients diagnosed with CVDs during the screening campaigns to ensure continuity of care.

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Capacity building & Advocacy

Throughout each mission, medical training initiatives are taken to build local capacities.

We invest in education and awareness via advocacy initiatives with national and local health authorities, contributing towards creating sustainable care models that are overseen by The Heart Mobile’s™ medical partner, even after we withdraw.

The stake-holders

The Heart Fund

Initiates The Heart Mobile’s™ strategic partnerships and acts as the stakeholders’ coordinator.

Cardiac center

In close partnership with the medical partner, the cardiac center manages advanced cases of CVDs diagnosed during the campaigns, provides surgical intervention where necessary and ensures appropriate follow up care.

Ministries of Health

The Heart Mobile™ aligns with national strategies to fight non communicable diseases. MOH are involved before and throughout the implementation of the clinics to facilitate the deployment of The Heart Mobile™.

Local care centers

Responsible for managing medically treatable cardiovascular conditions.

Sectoral partners

Provide The Heart Mobile™ with medical and surgical equipment and solutions to bridge the gap between hospitals and communities.

Medical partners

Oversees the medical aspects of The Heart Mobile™.

Program manager

Operates the deployment of The Heart Mobile™ on behalf of The Heart Fund.

Scientific committee

Produces valuable scientific literature and epidemiological research that advances cardiology research and practice, building capacity in underserved communities.


The first Heart Mobile will travel throughout Côte d'Ivoire in partnership with the Didier Drogba Foundation and will enable screening tens of thousands of children. The Heart Mobile will continue its journey through ten countries around the Gulf of Guinea.

Two men presenting the heart mobile
Côte d'Ivoire,
Two men presenting the heart mobile
Côte d'Ivoire,
Two men presenting the heart mobile
Côte d'Ivoire,

Join the fight for health justice!

About The Heart Fund

Established in 2010 by pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. David LUU, The Heart Fund (THF) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to democratizing access to cardiovascular care and health education, and to advancing cardiology research and practice in low- and middle- income countries. From last mile delivery (smart ecosystem The Heart Mobile™) to corrective surgery and epidemiological research, THF has been developing innovative and culturally-relevant solutions to better prevent, assess, and manage chronic diseases in low-resource settings.

The Heart Fund was granted the United Nations - ECOSOC Special Consultative Status in 2018 and has been working with international development agencies (UN, WHO, PAHO, OCHA, PADF), governments, medical companies, as well as with local and international partners of civil society. It is a member of the World Heart Federation and has offices in Paris, Abidjan, and New York City. 


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