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Heart Jet Mission in Haiti 2017 - Press release

INNOVATION - The Heart Fund launches the world’s first flying heart clinic,

the «Heart Jet», in Haiti

In many parts of the world, people give up cardiac care because they are too geographically isolated or as a result of a lack of financial resources. The Heart Fund, whose primary aim is to provide access to care for all, dreamed of a flying-hospital which could provide cardiologic care to children in the most remote areas of the world.

This year, The Heart Fund has achieved this great project! The Heart Jet carried out its first humanitarian mission in Haiti, which permitted the screening and the treatment of a hundred children!

The success of the first Heart Jet mission in Haiti

Last May, Dr. David Luu’s team, accompanied with The Heart Fund ambassadors – the actor Jimmy Jean-Louis and Gary Dourdan and top model Alina Baikova – went on a mission to Haïti in order to supervise the first flying mission of the Heart Jet, which reached several isolated villages and permitted the screening of hundreds of patients living too far away from Port-au-Prince, which is for now, the only reference location for cardiologic care in Haiti.

>>> Discover the film of this pilot-mission :

The Heart Jet is a true medical revolution!

Connectivity - The Heart Jet is a medicalized-plane which provides cardiologic care such as individualized consultations, echography and electrocardiography, which also allows patients to avoid travelling hours and long distances to reach a hospital. Connected to local and international medical staff by a digital and collaborative platform, The Heart Jet permits to screen, cure and transfer patients for cardiac surgeries.

Expertise - The Heart Jet program was designed by humanitarian doctors, pilots and aeronautical experts to transport mobile medical equipment such as a portable cardiac echograph, electrocardiogram, point-of-care Pulse oximeter and telemedicine platform.

The first ultramobile cardiologic plane in the world

Ultramobility - By providing medical staff at a record time and as a result of the equipment of the latest generation, The Heart Jet permits the screening of complex cardiovascular diseases in the most remote areas of the world.

Performance - The Heart Jet is a Pilatus PC-12 and is one of the world’s most powerful single-engined turboprop aircraft, able to land on all types of landing runways with a maximal length of 558 meters. The Heart Jet can board 6 passengers and all the medical equipment necessary.

The heart Fund - Heartjet

The Heart Fund

Created in 2010 by Dr. David Luu, The Heart Fund is a French endowment fund with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council whose mission is to improve the cardiovascular health of the world's most vulnerable populations, including open-heart surgeries on children and the development of mobile health programs (mobile clinics and connected platforms) in a sustainable ecosystem.

The heart Fund Dr david Luu

From pediatric cardiac surgery to the construction of a flying-hospital to the training of professionals and the development of technological innovations, The Heart Fund collaborates with governments, international organizations and more than 150 partners Private companies and volunteers in Africa, Haiti, India, Mauritania and Asia. All these collaborations have enabled the care of thousands of patients by transforming access to care.

The Heart Fund participated - together with the Minister of Health of Haiti - in the first World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, where it also presented the innovative mobile clinic project

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