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Heart Jet Mission to Haiti 2017 - Cooperation between The Heart Fund and the Ministry of Public Heal

The Heart Fund meets the Ministry of Public Health and Population in haiti

The Minister of Public Health and Population (MSPP), Dr. Marie Greta Roy Clément, met in her office on Monday, May 8, 2017, a medical delegation from The Heart Fund (THF) led by Cardiac and pediatric surgeon, Dr. David Luu. According to the official, "The objective of this meeting is to strengthen the cooperation between the THF and the MSPP through the program of access to cardiovascular care (cardiac surgery, screening and prevention) implemented through innovative mobile and digital health solutions. " He was accompanied by several celebrities such as Jimmy Jean-Louis, actor, ambassador-general in Haiti, Gary Dourdan, actor, musician, singer, and top model Alina Baikova. The team spent eight (8) days in Haiti, from May 7 to 14.

The Heart Fund Ambassadors and David Luu with the heart Jet

Later, Dr Luu added: "This innovative program provides women with cardiovascular screening and prevention, especially those of childbearing age, and children aged 0-18 years in remote locations, thanks to a Heart Jet that allows them to reach all the airports and airfields of the country. In Haiti, there are thousands of people who have cardiovascular difficulties; In the world, there are millions. We must act to reach and care for as many as possible, otherwise they will die. " For the success and the harmonization of the programs in the field, "The Heart Fund", which extends its program in Haiti since 2012, just committed in 2016 in a partnership policy with the MSPP that brings together all the local actors around its mobile clinic program via the Heart Force Coalition. These partners include: PAHO / WHO, OCHA, PADF, Partner In Health, Haiti Cardiac Alliance, Embassy of France and Embassy of Switzerland. The purpose of this health platform is to strengthen the national health plan according to the 4 key pillars of the organization's program: - Health Education and Chronic Disease Prevention - Supplement to ambulatory and specialty care by innovative solutions: telemedicine, connected diagnostic tools, computerized medical record and mobile clinic - Improved knowledge of patients in relation to new technologies for monitoring and epidemiological surveillance - Training of local health professionals in diagnosis and to the treatment of chronic diseases. As part of this health mission, the "The Heart Fund" conducted cardiac screenings on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at the Saint Michel Hospital of Jacmel more than 100 people of which 80% are children from 0 to 18 years. Several other cities will be reached soon during the next mission of the team, notably in Cap-Haitien, Les Cayes and Port-de-paix.

The heart Fund - Dr David Luu and Dr Alexandra Noisette

"We come with innovative tools that allow us to reach to ones in need of medical care. Before, we were asking the ones who needed medical care to come to meet us on our missions. In this new program, it is the doctors who go reach possible cardiac patients to diagnose them. We have all the latest technologies to detect and prevent cardiovascular disease. We will continue to do so, as the best way to combat these to do prevention among young people, "said actor-ambassador Jimmy Jean-Louis. He also said that his team has modern equipment such as digital imaging, echocardiography, electrocardiography, etc. which will have to be left on site to facilitate screening and prevention work. Specialized Haitian medical staff who already work with the THF team are trained for this purpose and become familiar with these devices. For now, the THF program focuses on cardiovascular disease; However, the organization will be able to add other pathologies to the package in the future if the experience proves fruitful in this long-term partnership with MSPP. It should be noted that this program, which is present in Haiti since 2012, also operates in Africa and India under the leadership of a French organization with its headquarters in the United States and France. Ronald Singer MSPP Press Officer ronald.singer@mspp.gouv.ht Photo Credit Greslet Etienne MSPP and The Heart Fund