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The Heart Jet® Haiti mission 2017 — The Heart Fund team inaugurates the first flying cardiology clin

The #HeartJet is the first flying-hospital equipped with the latest cardiological diagnosis technologies to travel accross Haiti in remonte area in order to reach isolated population and provide diagnosis to children who can't access healthcare or treatments.

— Day 0

Paris/Port-au-Prince, France/Haiti, 7th May 2017

The Heart Fund team with Ambassador Gary Dourdan flew to Haiti on a new mission to improve #cardiovascular health for vulnerable children to meet with Ambassadors Alina Baikova and Jimmy Jean-Louis at Toussaint Louverture International Airport. What a joy to be on a new mission in Haiti together !

— Day 1

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 8th May 2017

One of the nice aspect of the mission in the pooling of resources: together with with Ministry of Health in #Haiti, we will access to services which will ease reaching populations on the field and permit optimazed interventions.

Dr David Luu with ambassadors Jimmy Jean-louis and Gary Dourdan meeting at the #Parlement to fight #cardiovascular with the #Haitians

The @theheartfund team was also live interviewed on TV Metropole, the main tv channel in #Haiti. Saving more people together!! @ Delmas 56 @radiotelemetropole

Many thanks to oldest newspaper of Haiti @monNouvelliste for its article dedicated to the involvement of our team in Haiti since 2012 with Jimmy Jean-louis to treat children with heart disease:


— Day 2

Jacmel, Haiti, 9th May 2017

The #HEARTJET with @theheartfund team landed in #Jacmel and started right away to organise consultations and provide treatments with the help of our partner Dr/Cardiologist Alexandra Noisette.

The Heart Jet, the first ever cardiac flying clinic took off to treat lids with heart diseases in the most remote regions.

— Day3

Jacmel, Haiti, 10th May 2017

The Heart team met with more children at #Jacmel Hospital Saint-Michel.

— Day 4

Haiti, 11th May 2017

The Heart Fund team with the #heartjet landed in #CapHaitien yesterday to meet with more kids and families. We are filled with so much enthusiasm and positive energy, and thankful for all what happened on a human and medical level.

— Day 5

Haiti, 12th May 2017

Last Friday, our last meeting was organized with the #UnitedNations to give a report on our achievements and to thank them for their support.

— Day 6

Haiti, 13th May 2017

Day 6 was a very special day for us. We indeed met again with Yves Berthony, our patient operated for a #heartdefect in 2012. Yves is doing great and he wants to become a diplomat. We were so lucky to meet with him day before leaving #Haiti!!

Special thanks to :

Dr Alexandra Noisette