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FILM - Didier Drogba follows The Heart Mobile clinic in Ivory Coast

Dear Friends,

Saving lives is what makes us happy and we are very excited to share this great news with you.

On the first day of operating The Heart Mobile in Ivory Coast, 400 children were screened. These children, living in the waste of Abidjan, were seeing a doctor for the very first time.

The story began in 2012, when my friend Didier Drogba and I discussed on how we could improve access to healthcare for children in Africa. I was wondering, “Why are patients travelling hundreds of kilometers

to get an open-heart surgery. We can deliver food, books, shoes and cars… yet we can’t deliver our most valuable asset in life: Healthcare”.

The Heart Fund decided to gather a team of visionary engineers, medical experts and optimistic volunteers to revolutionize access to cardiac care.

We created The Heart Mobile: the first-ever mobile clinic for heart diseases. The Heart Mobile is a tremendous victory for children’s rights and universal healthcare.

Our success is the result of the strong support from our unbelievable friends, teammates, generous partners, The Didier Drogba Foundation, Nikki Cares and Philanthropy Capital.

It is only the beginning of the journey. In the next few months, thousands of children will be screened and we will operate on those with heart diseases.

Today, we are sharing this adventure with you through this movie.

We look forward to showing you what’s next at The Generous People Ball on Monday 16th May at the Carlton Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival.

Thank you again.

Dr David Luu & The Heart Team

Film by Connect&Cut