At 21 years old, Dr. David Luu landed

in Burkina Faso to help disadvantaged children





Founder & Président of The Heart Fund

Heart Surgeon

Fourteen years ago, we started out as medical students. Today, we provide access to care for hundreds of children in eight countries. This accomplishment was made possible thanks to a hundred incredible volunteers, to a generous and enthusiastic team, to our ambassadors and benefactors and thanks to our friends.


Combating heart diseases, the world's leading scourge, requires finding innovative solutions with a sustainable global impact. We invented and built The Heart Mobile cardiological clinics to diagnose and care for children with heart diseases at their bedside. We designed the first Heart Jet, a flying hospital that lets us reach the world's most far-flung communities.


The Heart Fund is the extraordinary adventure of those who dream of accomplishing great things for humanity. We are adventurous and idealistic; we are a movement that commits to providing access to care for all the world's children with heart problems.




From the age of three, David Luu knew that his vocation would be to care for people. As a child, he went along with his doctor father to anatomical laboratories to secretly observe dissection sessions. Fascinated early in life by human anatomy, he decided to become a surgeon.


As a young student at the Montpellier Medical School, David Luu began his humanitarian commitment by creating the "Emilie Humanitaire" association when he was only twenty-one. In 2001, he organized a first mission to Burkina Faso, landing at Ouagadougou with two hundred pounds of medical equipment destined to help children without access to care. David Luu called on volunteer surgical teams and organized missions to operate on children with birth defects, train local surgeons and equip hospitals in Cambodia, Colombia and Burkina Faso.


Continuing his studies, he made several internships in the United States at the prestigious universities of Harvard, Miami and USC at Los Angeles, where he participated for the first time in the implantation of an artificial heart. Dr. Luu trained as a heart surgeon in Martinique, in New York as the Director of Research for the Lenox Hill Hospital Aortic Center and at Necker Sick Children Hospital in Paris as a chief resident in the congenital heart diseases department.


In 2010, he decided to devote himself to saving children with heart malformations in developing countries and created The Heart Fund, an french endowment fund. He founded the first Chair of Philanthropy in France at the Paris School of Business and was named Chairman of the Junior Committee of the European Society for Cardiovascular Surgery.


He presented his Doctor of Medicine thesis at the Paris Descartes Medical School and obtained his surgical diploma in 2012. Dr. Luu then organized a first cardiac surgery mission to Haiti, two years after the earthquake, that saved the lives of ten children. He continued his clinical fellowship in congenital cardiac surgery at the Marie Lannelongue Surgical Center.


In 2014, he was asked by the NYC Surgical Group to direct the Cardiovascular Health Department in New York and create NYClinic, a pioneer in the screening and treatment of cardiovascular diseases for American companies.


Keenly interested in the economic impact of public health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, David Luu co-founded Philanthropy Capital, the world's first philanthropic hegde fund, and he chairs the Board of Directors of the Philanthropy Capital Foundation.


Dr. Luu lives with his wife Moana; they were married in 2008 in New York and have a son, Tayron-Khan.